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Data presented by Immunexpress collaborator from a study supporting SeptiCyte® RAPID performance for COVID-19 patient triage

April 19, 2022
At the 32nd ECCMID, Immunexpress and collaborators at Hospital Foch, France, shared research demonstrating that SeptiCyte® RAPID sepsis test can distinguish between COVID-19 patients showing higher extents of lung damage as defined by lung CT scans from those with a milder presentation.

Discussing Sepsis Diagnosis with Immunexpress

December 22, 2021
In this DNA Weekly interview, Immunexpress CEO Dr. Rollie Carlson, discusses why the company is tackling sepsis, explains the challenge of diagnosing sepsis, and details how SeptiCyte® RAPID helps. He also discusses how SeptiCyte® RAPID allows hospital systems to improve their sepsis management quality scores.

Immunexpress’ rapid sepsis test receives FDA clearance

December 9, 2021
Often difficult to diagnosis, sepsis remains a leading cause of morbidity and mortality among intensive care unit (ICU) patients. SeptiCyte® RAPID is the first FDA-cleared sepsis diagnostic to differentiate sepsis from non-infectious systemic inflammation to aid in rapid sepsis diagnosis within approximately one hour.

FDA grants 510(k) clearance for Immunexpress’ SeptiCyte RAPID test

December 1, 2021
This Medical Device Network article highlights our FDA-cleared sepsis diagnostic SeptiCyte® RAPID. The fast sepsis test addresses “a critically unmet need in the ICU,” said Immunexpress Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Roy Davis. SeptiCyte® technology aids physicians in distinguishing sepsis from -infection-negative (SIRS) systemic inflammation in critically ill patients.

10 News Brisbane – Device That Can Save Lives from Sepsis Awaiting Australian Regulatory Approval

September 15, 2021
In this interview with 10 News Brisbane, Dr. Adam Irwin, physician, and senior lecturer of pediatric infectious disease at the University of Queensland, details how deadly a sepsis diagnosis can be for children. Richard Brandon, Chief Scientific Officer of Immunexpress, shares the development of a one-hour sepsis test, SeptiCyte® RAPID, that is awaiting Australian regulatory approval.

SeptiCyte® RAPID proved superior sepsis diagnostic compared to lactate and procalcitonin

September 14, 2021
SeptiCyte® RAPID is a sepsis test that uses peripheral blood gene expression biomarkers to provide accurate sepsis diagnosis in patients presenting with clinical signs of systemic inflammation. Data was presented detailing the superior performance of SeptiCyte® RAPID in differentiating sepsis from non-infectious inflammatory responses at the 2021 IDWeek Conference.