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SeptiCyte® RAPID Receives ICD-10-PCS Code from the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

September 6, 2023
U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has granted an International Classification of diseases, Tenth Revision, Procedure Coding System (ICD-10-PCS) code for Immunexpress' host response molecular test for sepsis, SeptiCyte® RAPID.

Nonprofit health system adopts Immunexpress test for detecting sepsis

August 29, 2023
FirstHealth of the Carolinas, a nonprofit health system licensed for four hospitals in North Carolina, will use Immunexpress’ SeptiCyte Rapid test to help differentiate sepsis-positive cases from patients with infection-negative systemic inflammation.

PodcastDX features Septicyte Rapid

August 7, 2023
Richard Brandon, one of Septicyte's developers, discusses the test and the impact of sepsis with the host of PodcastDX.

Immunexpress and University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center Present Quality Improvement Feasibility with SeptiCyte® RAPID at the 2023 American Association for Clinical Chemistry Annual Scientific Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo

July 25, 2023
“The early accurate diagnosis of sepsis can be challenging, but recent advancements in FDA-cleared lab tests have introduced new tools that may enhance earlier diagnosis," said Kenneth E. Remy, MD, MHSc, MSCI, FCCM, Center Director, the Blood, Heart, Lung, and Immunology Research Center and the Ellery Sedgwick, Jr. Chair and Distinguished Scientist in Cardiovascular Research at University Hospitals in Cleveland/Case Western Reserve University. AACC-2023-Sepsis 072023

Immunexpress Announces Adoption of SeptiCyte® RAPID by FirstHealth of the Carolinas

July 21, 2023
FirstHealth is among other early adopters integrating the recently FDA cleared SeptiCyte RAPID® test into their hospital sepsis clinical workflow to address diagnostic uncertainty and improve sepsis awareness and bundle compliance.

An Interview With Richard Brandon, Chief Scientific Officer at Immunexpress

July 6, 2023
Despite its prevalence and severe consequences, diagnosing sepsis remains a significant challenge in the healthcare industry. Delve into an enlightening interview with Richard Brandon, the Chief Scientific Officer at Immunexpress, a company at the forefront of revolutionizing sepsis diagnostics.

A Diagnostic Dilemma

June 15, 2023
Sepsis places a significant burden on healthcare and can be challenging to identify early – is there a way to ease the pressure?

Better Health Care Tests, Faster

June 14, 2023
Immunexpress offers a test called SeptiCyte that quickly and accurately indicates the risk of sepsis by measuring RNA from white blood cells. The device can turn around a test within one hour.

Why Better Sepsis Diagnosis Results in Better Outcomes

June 7, 2023
The adoption of innovative approaches, such as SeptiCyte RAPID, to aid in sepsis diagnosis is expected to provide benefits to patients, clinical utility to physicians and financial benefits to hospital and health systems.

ICT’s Product Locator: April 2023

May 13, 2023
SeptiCyte Rapid was included in Infection Control Today’s April product locator. “With SeptiCyte RAPID, we are testing for the first clinical signs of sepsis and generating actionable results quickly. This is critically important because mortality risk increases by 8% as each hour goes by,” said Rollie Carlson, PhD, CEO of Immunexpress.

Immunexpress to Present Data at ECCMID 2023 Indicating that SeptiCyte® RAPID Differentiates Sepsis from Non-Sepsis in Patients with Uncertain Initial Diagnosis

April 12, 2023
For patients initially classified as indeterminate and then reassessed by a forced diagnosis, SeptiCyte RAPID significantly differentiated between SIRS (mean result or SeptiScore® 5.6) and sepsis (mean SeptiScore 7.3) (p=1.31e-07).

How Does Your Product Fit And Improve?

April 5, 2023
In this podcast, Rollie Carlson, Ph.D., discusses developing the right strategic partners and how they can enhance your efforts for product acceptance.

Immunexpress to Present Data at ISICEM 2023 Indicating that SeptiCyte® RAPID Outperforms Other Rapid Measures for Sepsis Diagnosis

April 5, 2023
This study demonstrates that SeptiCyte RAPID is not only a more accurate sepsis diagnostic tool compared to other conventional rapid diagnosis methods but can serve as a crucial first step in the diagnostic and treatment paradigm for patients suspected of sepsis using the Sepsis-3 framework.

New Publication Further Validates SeptiCyte® RAPID for Disease Severity Assessment and Triaging in COVID-19 Patients with Extensive Lung Injury

March 21, 2023
A study in the journal Viruses validates the use of SeptiCyte® RAPID as a tool to measure disease severity in COVID-19 patients, in comparison to a reference method based on chest computed tomography (CT) imaging.

New Publication Validates SeptiCyte® RAPID as a Triaging Tool for COVID-19 Patients

February 3, 2023
A new study in Scientific Reports, a journal in the Nature portfolio, validates the use of SeptiCyte® RAPID as a triaging tool for COVID-19 patients requiring hospitalization and potentially ICU care.

Immunexpress Begins US Commercialization of Near-Patient Sepsis Diagnostic Test

February 3, 2023
This article about Immunexpress and its sepsis diagnostic test was published in GenomeWeb.

At AMP 2022, Immunexpress launches rapid test for sepsis requiring two minutes hands-on time

November 10, 2022
At the Association for Molecular Pathology annual meeting and exposition this week, Immunexpress launched a rapid molecular diagnostic test that could enable ruling in or ruling out sepsis in one hour.

Multi-site study confirms the use of undiluted EDTA blood for the SeptiCyte RAPID sepsis assay

November 10, 2022
Data Validating EDTA Blood as Sample Type for SeptiCyte® RAPID Presented at the Association for Molecular Pathology 2022 Annual Meeting

Dr. Rollie Carlson, CEO, Immunexpress: Providing RAPID Detection for Sepsis

October 24, 2022
DocWire News spoke with Dr. Rollie Carlson, CEO of Immunexpress, to learn more about this cutting-edge technology, and how it can quickly and accurately detect sepsis, and lead to faster treatment.

Building a powerful portfolio of sepsis biomarker signatures for therapeutic clinical trials

October 21, 2022
In this Q&A, Immunexpress Chief Executive Officer Dr Rolland Carlson and Chief Scientific Officer Dr Richard Brandon discuss key aspects for molecular diagnostic discovery and development platforms, including how to best leverage microarray and next-generation sequencing (NGS) tools.

Immunexpress Announces the Launch of New SeptiCyte RAPID® CE-IVD EDTA Blood Compatible Cartridges

October 1, 2022
SeptiCyte® RAPID EDTA blood compatible cartridges were recently launched in the European market, representing a significant development milestone for the identification of pathogens associated with sepsis. This press release and the associated blog posts explore the significance of this development.
sepsis diagnosis

A Paradigm Shift In Diagnosing Sepsis

September 30, 2022
This article from Technology Networks includes an interview with Rolland Carlson, PhD, the CEO of Immunexpress. Rolland describes the paradigm shift in sepsis diagnosis as well as the specifics of how SeptiCyte® RAPID provides a faster and accurate diagnosis, allowing physicians to quickly rule-in or rule-out sepsis.

Tips For Obtaining Your 510(k) FDA Clearance

July 8, 2022
Learn more about the process of getting the lab test for sepsis, SeptiCyte® RAPID, cleared by the FDA. This article from Med Device Online also includes tips for obtaining a 510(k) FDA Clearance for other medical use products.

Data presented by Immunexpress collaborator from a study supporting SeptiCyte® RAPID performance for COVID-19 patient triage

April 19, 2022
At the 32nd ECCMID, Immunexpress and collaborators at Hospital Foch, France, shared research demonstrating that SeptiCyte® RAPID sepsis test can distinguish between COVID-19 patients showing higher extents of lung damage as defined by lung CT scans from those with a milder presentation.

Discussing Sepsis Diagnosis with Immunexpress

December 22, 2021
In this DNA Weekly interview, Immunexpress CEO Dr. Rollie Carlson, discusses why the company is tackling sepsis, explains the challenge of diagnosing sepsis, and details how SeptiCyte® RAPID helps. He also discusses how SeptiCyte® RAPID allows hospital systems to improve their sepsis management quality scores.

Immunexpress’ rapid sepsis test receives FDA clearance

December 9, 2021
Often difficult to diagnosis, sepsis remains a leading cause of morbidity and mortality among intensive care unit (ICU) patients. SeptiCyte® RAPID is the first FDA-cleared sepsis diagnostic to differentiate sepsis from non-infectious systemic inflammation to aid in rapid sepsis diagnosis within approximately one hour.

FDA grants 510(k) clearance for Immunexpress’ SeptiCyte RAPID test

December 1, 2021
This Medical Device Network article highlights our FDA-cleared sepsis diagnostic SeptiCyte® RAPID. The fast sepsis test addresses “a critically unmet need in the ICU,” said Immunexpress Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Roy Davis. SeptiCyte® technology aids physicians in distinguishing sepsis from -infection-negative (SIRS) systemic inflammation in critically ill patients.

10 News Brisbane – Device That Can Save Lives from Sepsis Awaiting Australian Regulatory Approval

September 15, 2021
In this interview with 10 News Brisbane, Dr. Adam Irwin, physician, and senior lecturer of pediatric infectious disease at the University of Queensland, details how deadly a sepsis diagnosis can be for children. Richard Brandon, Chief Scientific Officer of Immunexpress, shares the development of a one-hour sepsis test, SeptiCyte® RAPID, that is awaiting Australian regulatory approval.

SeptiCyte® RAPID proved superior sepsis diagnostic compared to lactate and procalcitonin

September 14, 2021
SeptiCyte® RAPID is a sepsis test that uses peripheral blood gene expression biomarkers to provide accurate sepsis diagnosis in patients presenting with clinical signs of systemic inflammation. Data was presented detailing the superior performance of SeptiCyte® RAPID in differentiating sepsis from non-infectious inflammatory responses at the 2021 IDWeek Conference.