Below is a selection of educational resources about sepsis from authoritative advocacy groups and international health agencies, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and National Institutes Health (NIH) and the open access journal JAMA Network.

Biocartis Webinar

In this webinar, hosted by Biocartis, Dr. Roy Davis reviews SeptiCyte® technology and its clinical validation in peer-reviewed journals and a correlation study of FDA cleared SeptiCyte® LAB with the 2nd generation, SeptiCyte® RAPID,  which runs on Idylla™, generating results in 1 hr. Additionally, he presents recent data for the performance of SeptiCyte® RAPID in various patient cohorts, including candidemia, immunocompromised, oncology and COVID-19

Sepsis Alliance Webinar

Dr. Roy Davis provides an overview of the current challenges of sepsis diagnosis and management, specifically related to early identification and appropriate intervention. He describes how the host immune response can be leveraged by including a gene expression assay as part of the Sepsis Clinical Toolset. The proposed role for this assay in the clinical workflow and sepsis program triage is covered along with its impact on diagnostic uncertainty.

A Podcast on Severe COVID-19 and Sepsis

Severe COVID-19 infection can be a form of viral sepsis with occasionally concomitant bacterial infection. Pamela M. Peeke MD, MPH, FACP, FACSM, is joined by Russell Miller, MD, MPH, FCCM, to discuss the definition of sepsis and overlap with case descriptions of patients with severe COVID-19, how experience with viral sepsis can be leveraged to diagnose and treat COVID-19 patients being admitted to ICU, and the need to be able to differentiate viral from bacterial sepsis to avoid over or under treatment. Dr. Miller is medical director of critical care at FirstHealth of the Carolinas in Pinehurst, North Carolina, USA.

A Podcast on Sepsis Quality Improvement Program Components

Effectively addressing bacterial, fungal and viral sepsis requires a collaborative approach, with early identification and intervention being central to improving outcomes. Yet several barriers remain to building an effective sepsis quality improvement program. Host Michael Smith, MD, along with Erkan Hassan, PharmD, FCCM, and Roy Davis, MD, PhD, MHA, explores the specific components of a sepsis improvement program that healthcare professionals and hospitals must consider. Dr. Hassan is a principal of Transformational Views Consulting Group and cofounder and chief clinical officer of Sepsis Program Optimization. Dr. Davis is chief medical officer of Immunexpress Inc.

Sepsis Alliance Webinar

This webinar, given by Dr. Steven P LaRosa an infectious disease physician, addresses the shortcomings of past and current sepsis clinical criteria in accurately capturing patients with critical illness due to infection. The current status of microbiologic methods and single peptide biomarker will be described. A novel approach utilizing the host gene response to infection, SeptiCyte®, will be presented.

SCCN Webinar

Learn about SeptiCyte® RAPID, a host response test, with actionable results in approximately one hour, differentiating sepsis from systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) with high negative predictive value (NPV), thus expediting and improving patient management for critically ill patients being admitted to the ICU. Steven P. LaRosa, MD, will address the challenges of current sepsis diagnosis and a new alternative approach leveraging the host immune response while Russell R® Miller III, MD, will present highlights from the VENUS study, a clinical validation of SeptiCyte® LAB.

SARS-CoV-2 and viral sepsis: observations and hypotheses

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Epidemiology and Immune Pathogenesis of Viral Sepsis

Gu-Lung Lin, Joseph P. McGinley, Simon B. Drysdale and Andrew J. Pollard. Front. Immunol., 27 September 2018.